Ukraine War Series


The Revolution Continues: Ukraine War Series

For ease of sharing and reading, here is a list of the articles we've published about the Ukraine War situation. Each post contains many related article and video links to check out, too. Enjoy and learn!

Brother, Can You Spare 7 $Billion?

Summary: It's difficult to fathom why the US can afford to send billions of dollars to a faraway proxy war while its own people and infrastructure are suffering. Coast Watcher offers us an explanation that just might make your blood boil.

Everybody Loves Raytheon!

Summary: A quick interview with our favorite one-percenter reveals just how lucrative proxy wars can really be--and how little sleep the super rich lose at night even while other human beings are sick, homeless or simply blown to smithereens by American weaponry.

The Business Model of Empire

Summary: Does Capitalism, Conflict, and Competition really make the world go 'round--or does it merely make humankind miserable and destroy our planet? What role does capitalism play in the current proxy war and why can't you ever find any mention of it in mainstream media?

Critical Thinking Skills For The Masses

Summary: Americans tend to believe everything they hear from  their government officials and the mainstream media. Recent events in the proxy war in Ukraine give us an example of how the public is being manipulated to hate possibly the wrong "bad guys."

Sitting in the Dock at The Hague...

Summary: The Hague Invasion Act and the hypocrisy of Joe Biden demonstrate the hubris of the United States, a country that has made it legal to invade a NATO ally if any of its people are ever tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

Manufacturing Consent for the Apocalypse

Summary: Mainstream media seems to be beating the drum for starting a nuclear war. Why should we threaten all life on Earth just for billionaires to become even richer?

NATO Loves Nazis? (The History of Nazism in Ukraine)

Summary: Where did all those Germanic people living in Ukraine come from? Why do they wear Nazi symbology on their army uniforms? Learn how Catherine the Great and then Adolf Hitler shaped the history of the region.

Now They'll See Us 

Summary: There are many refugees fleeing violence in the world--and almost all of them have a US connection. Coincidence?

Stop Pretending

Summary: By taunting Russia for the past thirty years, NATO, and in particular the US, has started yet another proxy war over a natural gas pipeline with the locals as cannon fodder.