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Why All The Hate For Haiti?


US Border Patrol deports Haitians like rustling cattle

Why All The Hate For Haiti?

by Coast Watcher

Act 1: Once Upon a Time...

Toussaint Louveture and the Haitian Revolution inspired millions of free and enslaved people of African descent to seek freedom and equality throughout the Atlantic world.  ~Slavery and Remembrance Organization.

Inspired by the American and French revolutions, in 1791 the enslaved population of what was then called Saint Domingue rose up in the world’s first successful slave revolt. Toussaint Louveture came to command the former slaves’ army and eventually his new nation. He proved himself to be an outstanding military leader, one who expelled the colonial powers of France, Spain, and Britain from the island in a series of brilliant campaigns. His power was such that Britain entered into negotiations with him whereby concessions were made in exchange for which the newly independent Haitians would not invade other British possessions in the Caribbean.

Louveture later allied with France because the Revolutionary government abolished slavery, while Britain would not do so until 1809. Tragically, he was betrayed and captured by France while negotiating a new treaty, eventually dying in a French prison in 1803. In spite of this, Haiti gained full independence from France the following year.

The one thing the 18th and 19th century white capitalists feared above all else was an armed slave insurrection. To have an entire island of self-emancipated slaves in the middle of one of the most lucrative economic areas in the world filled the colonial powers with utter horror. American President Thomas Jefferson worked hard to quarantine Haiti, both diplomatically and economically. Due to the development of the cotton gin, slavery was becoming a highly lucrative business in the United States. The last thing an American president wanted was the slaves at home gaining inspiration from a successful uprising. This official attitude didn’t change until the Civil War. The United States didn’t officially recognize Haiti as a nation until 1862 when the American institution of slavery began to be abolished.

The US government's interest in the island continued throughout the latter half of the 19th century. In 1868, President Andrew Johnson suggested American annexation of the island to secure a defensive and economic stake in the West Indies. From 1889 to 1891, Secretary of State James Blaine unsuccessfully sought a lease of Mole-Saint Nicolas, a city on Haiti's northern coast strategically located for a naval base. President William Howard Taft tried to be fair to the Haitians. In 1910 he granted Haiti a large loan in hopes that the country could pay off its international debt and thus lessen foreign influence. The attempt proved futile, however,  due to the sheer scale of the debt and the internal instability of the country.

Act 2: Your Money or Your Life...

As the former colonial power, France took even more extreme action. In July 1825, the French King Charles X sent a fleet of warships to Haiti. In exchange for recognizing Haiti’s independence, he demanded a payment of 150 million francs as "compensation" to French plantation owners for loss of their assets in the shape of enslaved laborers and land during the Haitian revolution. As a guide to the enormity of the sum,
150 million francs was ten times the amount paid by the United States to France for the Louisiana Purchase.

Haiti had little choice but to give in to the outrageous demand. Unable to make payment through its own economy, the Haitian government was forced to take out loans from a French bank at crippling rates of interest. Over the following 122 years, Haiti paid French former slaveholders and their descendants sums equivalent to  $20 to $30 billion by today’s values. 

Is there any wonder why Haiti’s economy failed to prosper, even for an island so rich in resources? But the greed of western capitalism didn’t stop there.

Restructuring of the Haitian national bank gave American banking interests access to lucrative areas for development both in Haiti and in the neighboring Dominican Republic. The world of international politics collided as German investments in Haiti came into collision with those of America. Unhappy as they were about Haiti's close connection to France, policymakers in the United States were more concerned about increased German activity and influence in the country.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Germany's presence in Haiti increased as German merchants began establishing trading branches in the country, quickly dominating commercial business in the area. The United States considered Germany its chief rival in the Caribbean then, and it feared German control of Haiti would give the Germans a powerful advantage in the area. Corruption and greed, as well as numerous deaths and assassinations of Haitian presidents and other officials, led to American banks
aided by US Marinesin seizing Haiti’s gold reserves in December 1914. Gold bullion to the tune of $500,000 was transported by a US Navy warship to New York.

In 1915, Haitian President Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was assassinated—the seventh in as many years—and the domestic situation in the island deteriorated rapidly. In response President Woodrow Wilson sent US Marines to Haiti supposedly to prevent anarchy, but in reality the Marines were sent there to protect American assets and to prevent German influence spreading.

The American occupation lasted until 1929 when a series of strikes and uprisings forced a gradual withdrawal of American troops. In 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Good Neighbor Policy" resulted in the official withdrawal of America from Haiti although the US retained economic connections.

Haiti suffered a US-backed dictatorship from 1957 to 1986. Two western-backed coup attempts were launched against progressive President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a military coup in 1991, and another in 2004. President Bill Clinton sent in more than 20,000 troops to restore Aristide to power in operation “Uphold Democracy” in 1994. When the second coup failed, the US launched yet another military intervention which lasted until 2017.

There are allegations against President Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the effect that she colluded with US business interests to pressure the Haitian government into not raising the Haitian national minimum wage from 24 cents to 61 cents
an hour. Documents obtained by Wikileaks implied that the US State Department helped block this pay raise. US embassy officials in Haiti clearly opposed the wage hike as well.

Act 3: No Time Like the Present…

The United States’ actions in and against Haiti for over a century is one of gross interference. Now we see yet another woeful chapter in the whole sordid tale as US Marines seize control of Toussaint Louveture Airport, and Canada lands military vehicles there, all with the active approval of the United Nations. The so-called targets of this UN operation are the gangs that have taken over large areas of the country—gangs which seem to have been primed and set going by American business interests.

How long this next go-around will last is anybody’s guess, but I doubt it’ll lead to any good. There are no "quick fixes" to centuries' old problems created by white European domination and colonialism in the Caribbean region. Rapid solutions to Haiti’s problems inserted from the outside will produce temporary results at best with no long-lasting effects. The key to resolving the Haitian issue should be placed in the hands of the Haitian people themselves.

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Bio: Coast Watcher is our resident armchair historian and observer of the human condition. The more the West says things are changing for the worse in Haiti, the more the West seems apt to invade and pocket Haiti's wealth and resources. Maybe that was the plan all along?

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* * *

Progressive International

Protests have intensified across Haiti after the government of Ariel Henry, facing popular opposition to his rule, sent a request to the United Nations for international military support.

The United States, Canada, and the Organization of American States are now mobilizing towards intervention to prop up Henry's illegitimate government, which was installed after the assassination of president Jovenel MoΓ―se by US-trained Colombian mercenaries. This is another brazen attempt to deny the Haitian people their right to self-determination.

Hands off Haiti! Add your name to the statement.

In response, the Cabinet of the Progressive International published a statement on Saturday calling for an end to foreign intervention in the country:

"The crisis in Haiti can only be repaired by following the basic demands of the Haitian people: an end to foreign meddling, an end to the brutal foreign-imposed austerity policies that sustain hunger and destitution, and support for Haiti’s full self-determination. The Haitian people have done nothing more, and nothing less, than resist an unjust colonial order built on their oppression."

Over two centuries ago, the people of Haiti defeated European colonialism, abolished slavery, and established the world’s first Black republic. In the process, they gave life to the political project of internationalism. From Ethiopia to Gran Colombia, Haiti helped the colonized, oppressed, and enslaved around the world in their struggles.

In the coming weeks, international solidarity will be critical as the Haitian people continue their long struggle for freedom. Join me in honoring that struggle, defending Haiti’s sovereignty, and supporting its people’s right to determine their own future.

Sign the statement today.

For more information about the situation, read this piece by PI Council member Vijay Prashad, which explains the context behind the protests that have swept across the country.

In solidarity,

Pawel Wargan
Progressive International Secretariat


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The Top Ten Things That Could Trigger The Revolution


The Top Ten Things That Could Trigger The Revolution

(In No Particular Order)

The Price of Gasoline Hits $25 Per Gallon in the US

This often-mentioned scenario seems a sure bet to bring about an uprising of the workers against the bourgeoisie. The trigger doesn’t even necessarily have to be gasoline or heating costs or the price of bread or milk or medicine like insulin, either. Some consumer item that the vast majority of Americans need and can’t go without for long will hit an all-time record high price and nobody will be able to get to work or school or feed their families or simply stay alive. Surely that sort of deprivation would make people angry enough to get them off their couches and out into the streets to start a revolution, right?

Combined with a General Strike, an outraged populace that demands the means of production and the public utilities, such as water, natural gas, electricity, and even internet access, be placed in the hands of the people has all the markings of a successful revolution causing the complete downfall of our current corrupt economic system. The end of for-profit enterprises that control basic human rights, such as the right to health care, the right to food and shelter, and the right not to freeze in the winter or bake to death in the summer can’t come soon enough.

A Wide-Scale Plague or The Complete Destruction of Our Environment Kills Millions

Too late—this trigger has already occurred. Look outside your window. Do you see anyone protesting about how over a million Americans needlessly have died (and are still dying) due to COVID-19 or Long COVID? No, you’re more likely to see people staring at you if you continue to mask-up for your own protection in crowded public places. You’re more likely to read social media posts complaining about the “Vaccination Conspiracy” than you are to see Americans livid about how we still don’t have universal health care. Family members and friends dropping over dead prematurely obviously doesn’t make the majority of Americans mad at America's for-profit/for-the-people's-suffering healthcare industry.

Extinction Rebellion is working hard to make more Americans aware of just how dire a state our environment is in, but the mainstream media outlets choose to ignore those stories. Instead, we’re more likely to see and read stories about how hard-working the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries are, and that it’s okay to pay $5 or more a gallon to fuel your car because it means “freedom and democracy” in another God-forsaken, fossil fuel-filled country. TV weather-persons smile and casually pronounce statements such as, “This temperature breaks our record for most days above 100 degrees in a single summer,” without batting an eyelash. Until more Americans actually suffer and die because they can’t afford air conditioning or home heating, climate change will never be “real” to them. Alas, by the time they do become angry enough to revolt over the destruction of our environment because of the capitalists’ insatiable greed, we'll all be totally screwed. Which leads us to our next trigger...

The Petrodollar Totally Collapses, Green Energy Reigns, and the Beauty of MMT Shines Through

Saudi Arabia doesn’t care if it sells the US oil anymore—at least not in the way we want them to buy and sell oil to us and others. Few Americans realize that there is nothing backing up our currency except what we say it is worth in regards to—yeah, you guessed it—petroleum. There is no gold or silver in our vaults backing up the cash that our treasury prints or simply puts into zeroes and ones on a bank computer. It’s just so much worthless paper. (Read up on MMT or Modern Monetary Theory to see what I mean.)

When the Earth becomes too warm or too stormy because of Western nations burning fossil fuels for the past two hundred years, we will have to kick the fossil fuel habit. Petroleum will be worthless as will our money. Americans will be freed from a market economy that works only for the very rich. This could very well bring about a semi-peaceful revolution if those in charge graciously give up the game that somehow human beings come with price tags, and we all agree to work together in order to feed and nurture each other and build a society based upon green energy sources and practices instead. But then...

Somebody in a Position of Power Will Say Something Really, Really Stupid

I can see how Marie Antoinette saying to the French masses “Let them eat cake!” could piss them off and cause them to get out the pitchforks and guillotines. “Let them eat cake!” is insulting, and it rubs salt in the wounds of those who are hungry and struggling. But many powerful people say stupid, insulting, wounding things on a daily basis in the US, and the revolution hasn’t begun yet. 

Just recently, Joe Biden sent billions of dollars to a proxy war in Ukraine so that ordinary Ukrainians could “have something in their pockets” without once blinking an eye at how that stupid, cruel statement sounded to poor, struggling Americans. He and his friends in their half of the duopoly claimed that they would give all Americans “$2,000 relief checks” but only $1,400 was forthcoming. The guillotines are still in their sheds. So saying stupid things, doing stupid things, and outright gaslighting and lying is nothing new. No one marches in the streets for very long about anything any American politician says. Maybe something else is needed?

The War Machine Will Figure It’s Time to Drop “The Bomb”

This could start—and end—the revolution in one day. I’ll say the threat of starting a nuclear war is more likely to upset a lot of people and possibly stir things up enough to get a multitude of protesters into the streets. But lately there are some pundits who state that nuclear war is winnable or claim that radiation isn’t all that lethal—at least it’s not lethal to them and theirs they figure. That’s probably because they are part of the elites who own underground bunkers in remote places like New Zealand. When you have such a vast disparity between “haves” (with bunkers) and “have nots” (the rest of us) does it make revolution impossible or inevitable if any country intentionally or accidentally drops a nuke on another country?

The War Profiteers Decide That Class Warfare Is Good for Business

This unsettling scenario takes the reality of our world and allows the war machine to twist it into its own sick and greedy end. And it’s the ultimate in cynicism. The capitalists figure that it’s easier to make money by watching the class divide widen and the poor and the rich become even more antagonistic and violent toward one another. The arms manufacturers sit back on the sidelines and sell arms to everyone… Because money is money and capitalists know no morality.

The revolution that takes place in this case most likely won’t be one where the working classes end up on top. War Profiteers won’t let their class lose. This means those with the most armaments and mercenaries will force their viewpoint upon the losers using violent and oppressive means. A military dictatorship would form and the corrupt system of capitalism will flourish the way it has for the past several hundred years in the West. Really, it’s just more of the same. We won’t know any different unless...

The Mainstream Media Pundits Tire of Shoveling Bullsh*t at Us (and Everyone Wakes Up to the Propaganda and Revolts)

I’m hopeful this scenario will happen sooner rather than later, but I’m a realist. When you have talking heads on TV news channels like Rachel Maddow making $30 million plus yearly, you’ve got a lot of greedy people who are willing to put their journalistic integrity to sleep. Can you blame them? It’s so easy to let the CIA and the Ministry of Truth give you your talking points, isn’t it? 

The best we can hope for at the present time is to wake up as many people as possible by introducing them to independent journalism and refuting the lies put out by the MSM. Rad Indie Media is one such website where you can find links to many articles and podcasts that the mainstream media can’t be bothered with. But without an open mind will those who have been spoon-fed government propaganda for decades be able to learn to think for themselves? It might take a miracle or...

Aliens or Time Travelers from an Alternate Reality Arrive and Bring About World Equality and Peace

Wishful thinking, but maybe, just maybe, there’s somebody out there who wants us to survive as a species and are willing to come here and do all the heavy lifting. You wouldn’t believe how many people are hoping and praying for this to happen. Then again, maybe you’re one of them. Keep the faith but also keep fighting. If I were an alien (the thin, gray, big-eyed kind, not the undocumented kind likely to be deported) I would skip Earth and go elsewhere to find intelligent and compassionate life. Because until we demonstrate that we humans really care about each other, why should other life forms from other worlds give a sh*t about us?

Mutual Aid Networks and Other Community-Based Organizations Support the Working Classes as the Ruling Classes Fade Away

This is the sunniest of all scenarios when it comes to a peaceful revolution that replaces the death-worshiping, capitalist society in which we currently reside. The workers work around the dysfunctional system and take care of each other via mutual aid networks while the society of the 1% gradually falls apart through their own lack of cooperation. 

Don’t worry, though. It’s possible that some of the super-wealthy will catch on and join the rest of us in sharing food, shelter, clothing, medicines and other aid. Maybe they feel trapped in those big mansions and yachts? You'll never know unless you try to liberate them from their prisons of wealth.

And number ten? That’s where you come in. Tell us what you think will be the defining moment, the trigger, that will lead Americans into a second revolution, a revolution of the proletariat, the workers, bringing about a more just and equitable society. Leave your comments below and don’t be afraid to come up with more positive scenarios. We could all do with some cheering up in these dark autumn days.

Power to the people!

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We Are Smarter Than They Think

Apples don't fall far from the tree...
We Are Smarter Than They Think (Much Smarter) 

by C.A. Matthews 
Once upon a time there were two farmers. 
Farmer A owned a lovely apple tree that stood a couple of feet away from the edge of Farmer B’s land. Sometimes fruit would fall from the tree’s branches and land on Farmer B’s property. Farmer A was okay with Farmer B keeping the apples and told him so, but Farmer B didn’t want them. Farmer B secretly hated apples and despised how they rolled into his field, and he became jealous of how other farmers admired the quality of Farmer A’s apples.

One day when Farmer A was away Farmer B took an ax and crossed over to Farmer A’s field. He chopped down the apple tree and carted away all the fruit and wood. When Farmer A returned home, he was shocked and saddened to see his apple tree gone. When he asked Farmer B what had happened to the tree, Farmer B told him, “You must have chopped down your own apple tree so you could blame it on me. You’re trying to make me look bad.” Farmer A simply bowed his head sadly and said, “Yeah, right.” 
No other farmer in the area believed Farmer A would ever do such a terrible thing, especially because what appeared to be Farmer B’s footprints were found in the mud near the apple tree's stump. But Farmer B kept insisting and insisting that Farmer A was to blame for his tree's demise. Farmer B even talked to the local press about how crazy Farmer A was and how he chopped down his own apple tree to make Farmer B appear to be a liar. Eventually everyone believed Farmer B’s story because it was too hard to argue with him, and they were afraid he’d cross over into their fields and chop down their apple trees as well.

This silly parable is my way to illustrate how the US government believes how We the Little People, the workers, think. We’re pretty stupid in their opinion. We’re supposed to believe incredible statements as “Putin blew up his own Nord Stream pipelines!” and “Nuclear war is winnable!” The US government thinks we’re not smart enough to look at the evidence and come to our own logical conclusions. 

Working class Americans are not without intelligence. That's why the mainstream media is running propaganda puff pieces night and day. So, in order to exercise your brains, here are some facts for your consideration:

On February 7, two and a half weeks before Russia launched its intervention in Ukraine, President Biden told a news conference at the White House, “If Russia invades, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream II.” An ABC News reporter asked in response, “But how will you do that, exactly, since the project is in Germany’s control?” Biden stumbled briefly before replying, “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

We cannot yet claim any certainty as to who is responsible for the four undersea explosions near Bornholm, a Danish island hard by Germany’s Baltic Sea coast. Let us not forget this. But we have a motive, a beneficiary, and a very considerable gathering of persuasive circumstantial evidence indicating that the operation, which required sophisticated undersea technology and involved devices with the explosive power of 1,100 pounds of dynamite, was the work of the US. in apparent collaboration with Denmark, if not also Germany.

Numerous reports detailing this evidence, all of them carried in independent media, indicate that the US. Navy was active in the area of the explosions shortly before they occurred. This fleet reportedly included the U.S.S. Kearsarge, which carries unmanned submarines capable of planting undersea explosives. Satellite tracking indicates the presence, shortly before the explosions, of US. military helicopters over the zones where the devices detonated.

--Patrick Lawrence: Sins of Silence or Silence by Design 

So the US has the means, the motive, and our president even gave the world a hint back in February that the US might shut down the Nord Stream pipelines at some point. Yet, the mainstream media is running stories about how “crazy Putin” blew up these very expensive LNG pipelines instead of simply switching them off and stopping all sales to the EU. Even more damning evidence is that a new pipeline from Norway to Denmark to Poland has just opened, and it’s ready to send LNG throughout Europe from American-friendly fossil fuel corporations (who’ll probably charge more than the Russians did).

These suspicious attacks came mere hours before NATO members Norway, Denmark, and Poland officially opened their own natural gas pipeline, called the Baltic Pipe, which was built with European Union funding in order to compete with Nord Stream. 
--Ben Norton, Who Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines? 

The timing of this new Baltic pipeline opening is so coincidental to be laughable. They must really think we’re missing a few brain cells not to put two and two together and come up with five. When you can’t compete on prices for natural gas, you simply blow up your competitor’s pipeline or so it seems. And the American military-industrial-Congressional complex has been itching to stick it to Putin from day one of this proxy war, haven’t they? What better way to make your point and make a lot of profits for fossil fuel stock holders?

“Gaslighting” is a term for this game of trying to put a falsehood over on another. When you are being gaslighted, you're told not to trust the evidence of your own eyes. Just like Farmer B insisting Farmer A chopped down his own tree, a person who has been gaslighted may come to believe an outright lie since no one will admit they’re lying and they'll keep insisting your beliefs and instincts are just plain wrong. Americans learned a few months ago that we have our very own “Ministry of Truth” propaganda bureau, but these latest bald-faced lies seem too crude to have been crafted by masters of the fine propaganda arts. Maybe they’re all on vacation? 

Still, the US government propagandists will keep trying to sell a proxy war to control a pipeline that no ordinary person asked for or wanted. $65 billion in arms deals and many deaths later, it ranks at the very bottom of a recent Gallup poll of what Americans are most concerned about. Caitlin Johnstone puts it all so eloquently:

If your proxy war demands nonstop perception management at maximum aggression to manufacture public consent for it, your proxy war is probably immoral and bad. If maintaining public support for a proxy war requires nonstop PR spin, aggressive propaganda from the mainstream news media, banning of Russian media, and giant troll information ops amplified by think tanks and government agencies, it probably shouldn't have public support. --A Good and Righteous Proxy War Wouldn't Need Such Cartoonish PR

The amateur Twitter bots name-call people when the weaknesses of their false narrative is made apparent, and they have no hard facts to back their story up. If you can think for yourself and say you're not falling for such nonsense, you might be called a "Putin puppet". More and more frequently if you state that you're not pro-war on a social platform, you'll be called a "Russia lover" instead of simply a pacifist or peace-lover. No, you must be for using nuclear weapons first, according to a recent statement made by Ukrainian President Zelensky. It's sad but predictable behavior from those who have been brainwashed into "learning to love the bomb" as the character of Dr. Strangelove admitted to in the classic Stanley Kubrick film of the same name.

I guess the Golden Rule and loving your neighbor as yourself aren't seen as shining virtues in the West anymore? Maybe our government is hoping nuclear winter will cancel out the climate emergency?

This week’s announcement by President Biden that he would pardon those charged with federal charges for simple marijuana possession is another weak gaslighting attempt to change the public's opinion before the midterms. Most marijuana possession charges are made at the state level, not the federal, so there’s practically no one to pardon. Federal agents charge people for drug trafficking large amounts, not a joint or two. If Biden really wanted to legalize marijuana, he could have it taken off the federal drug schedule, making it like tobacco and alcohol. But Biden is going to leave that decision up to the FDA he said, so nothing substantial will happen anytime soon. 

Did he really think we’d fall for that stunt? 

Americans need to trust their instincts and continue to use their gray-matter if they want to survive under this gaslighting government. Blowing up LNG pipelines that belong to a fellow nuclear power is an open invitation to start a nuclear war. Destroying trade and trust with Europe in order to rake in fossil fuel profits this winter isn't a kind or intelligent move. The distractions of the midterm elections and non-existent marijuana pardons shouldn't persuade us from considering this potentially end-of-the-world scenario our self-centered political leaders have put us all in. We are smarter than they think--much, much smarter. 

I think we're smart enough to let those in Washington DC know that we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take their gaslighting anymore. We see through the spell cast by the military-industrial-Congressional complex, and we understand just how much money goes into politicians pockets to legislate the way that they do. (It's more than $1 billion in the 2022 midterm elections alone!) We'll let our votes do the talking in the midterms. We'll think independently of the propaganda. We'll vote outside the box of the status quo. 

We'll let those in the establishment parties know that we’re intelligent enough to know that nuclear war is not winnable and it's never worth risking for any amount of profits because we are smarter than they think. Much smarter.

Stephen F. Cohen Provides Clarity on NATO Expansion and Russia More than 10 Years Ago (video)



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