Tuesday, July 26, 2022

More Warfare! Less Health Care! What Bad Air?

 More Warfare! Less Health Care! What Bad Air?

Some observations on too much media consumption by C.A. Matthews 

If I were an active consumer of American mainstream media (i.e., CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, Wash. Post, NY Times, etc.), I might come to some odd conclusions on what all is happening in the world and what is really important to Americans. 

I might assume that Americans love continual warfare since we're spending $800 billion plus on our defense (offense, more likely) budget. I might assume we don't care much about brown or black people since we give military and economic aid to countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel who are set on genociding the Yemenis and Palestinians. 

I might assume we're good with supporting fascists since we've given massive amounts of military hardware to the Azov Battalion, an openly Neo-Nazi militia. I might assume that America means for all these weapons to wind up on the black market to be sold to terrorists around the world, since that's what's happening to the arms we've sent to Ukraine. I might assume that money laundering through these black market arms sale is agreeable to those who profit the most from them, the top one-percent who own shares in Raytheon and their ilk.

If I were an active consumer of mainstream media, I might come to some odd conclusions about the importance of health care in the US. I might assume that all Americans have private health care and love it. I might assume that we don't place much value on women since we seem to like taking away their rights to bodily autonomy. I might assume that we place zero worth on women of color in particular since their infant and maternal mortality rates are so high. I might assume that the life of a pregnant person is worth less than a fetus since many states have already passed laws declaring it to be so. I might assume that Americans have little empathy for victims of rape and incest--particular the youngest and most vulnerable.

I might assume that it's okay for people to go bankrupt whenever they have an expensive healthcare emergency since the majority of bankruptcies in the US involve some form of medical debt. I might assume that homeless persons do not have the right to health care and especially mental health care since we seem more preoccupied with pushing them out of our cities than in getting them the help they need and a roof over their head. I might assume that COVID-19 was no more, and it no longer posed a threat to human life on the planet. I might assume we'll never have to worry about another pandemic ever again in spite of reports about the spread of monkeypox.

If I were an active consumer of American mainstream media, I might assume there's no such thing as the "climate catastrophe" or climate change since these kind of stories are seldom reported on major outlets. I might assume there's no such thing as "greenhouse gases" and that CAFOs--concentrated animal feedlots--are wonderful and don't dump tons of animal wastes into watersheds. I might assume that Americans don't care about the suffering of animals raised under these horrible conditions. I might assume toxic blue-green algae is rather pretty  and its washing up on the lake shores doesn't poison drinking water for millions.

I might assume that this summer's record high temperatures are just an aberration.  I might assume that wildfires in the south of England are a regular event along with their roads melting. I might assume that coastal erosion and sea level rise are just myths and that a huge icy chunk of Antarctica didn't break off and start melting into the sea. I might assume that Glacier National Park was named after something other than giant ice fields.

I might assume that millions of people suffering from lung disease have nothing to do with the rise of pollutants such as ozone and heavy particulates in our air. I might assume that there's no way microscopic bits of plastic have become a part our drinking water and are now a part of all our bodies thanks to the fossil fuel and plastic industries promotion of non-recyclables.

So, what's wrong with taking mainstream media at its word? If you said, "Everything," then you'd be correct. These erroneous assumptions that American mainstream media encourages demonstrate how propaganda skews our worldviews. Mainstream media propaganda causes more harm than good. People who don't have access to differing viewpoints can form skewed and sometimes dangerous opinions and actions. They need to know that non-violent options exist. (Check out Rad Indie Media for different viewpoints.)

As I sit here at my laptop, listening to the Annual Meeting of the Green Party US this weekend, I hear speakers conversing on related topics that don't support any of these assumptions. In fact, they paint very different pictures and tell very different stories--and give very different responses on how to deal with challenges. Greens don't take corporate money and don't listen to billionaires and do their bidding. Their visions are clear and not clouded by money, unlike members of the establishment factions.

We can't believe the fairy tales our corporate-sponsored,  status quo/duopolist politicians promote any longer. We just don't have the time. The earth is heating up. Crops are failing. People will starve. People are dying in the US now because we don't provide universal health care, and guaranteed food and housing. 

People are dying around the world because the military industrial complex wants the US Empire to grow. The US Empire wants to force other countries to give us their natural resources, whether they want to or not. It's profits over people. The Empire will bomb other countries until they hand their resources over.

When will Americans realize they've been lied to and stop these horrors? Would obvious lying and voter suppression caught on tape perpetrated by the party in power convince them? If not, what will?

How about when they announce it's time for World War III let's all just be like "Nah, we're not doing that."

And then let’s build a healthy world. -- Caitlin Johnstone


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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

One Trump, Two Trump, Red Trump, Blue Trump

“The hardest thing I’ve ever seen the Democrats fight for is to keep a disabled Marine combat veteran off the ballot.”

Matthew Hoh, Green Party candidate for US Senate from North Carolina

One Trump, Two Trump, Red Trump, Blue Trump

(or The Future of the So-Called Democratic Party

by Coast Watcher

Frankly, the so-called US Democratic Party should be sued for flagrant misuse of the term democratic. They are without doubt the most undemocratic institution in the United States. It’s no secret that the party has a standing order to challenge the right of any third party to be included on electoral ballots, federal, state, or local. With friendly judges in their pockets these iniquitous attacks by Democrats on the right of the American people to have a choice frequently succeed.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Establishment Party (composed of the so-called Democrats and their good friends, the Republicans or GOP) have succeeded in placing their members in positions of authority in county electoral boards and changed the rules so no other parties can sit on such boards. These are the people who decide who does or does not qualify to be on the ballot. Naturally, the GOP and the Democrat candidates always qualify. But people running for third parties? Not so much.

Take the case of Matthew Hoh, Green Party candidate for US Senate to represent the people of North Carolina. (More details on this story at Whatever This Is, It's Not a Democracy.) A disabled Marine Corp veteran, Hoh is an excellent candidate for high office. An articulate, intelligent man, Hoh has "seen the elephant" in war. With such experience, his is a voice of authority when it comes to espousing the deep desire for peace and an end to the American government’s policy of constant warfare. Hoh’s campaign has gained a great deal of traction to the point that it looks like the Green Party is becoming a real challenger to the Establishment Party in NC. 

This, of course, doesn't sit well with the "Demopublicans."

The North Carolina Green Party workers went the extra mile in ensuring that all petition signatures for inclusion on the ballot were legitimate, collecting far more than the minimum required. The counties' election boards approved of the Green Party's signature petitions to be on the ballot and sent them onto the state board of elections for final approval. When it came to the state electoral board to certify the counties' findings, the chairman muted the Green Party’s legal representative to prevent him from asking questions and rejected the NCGP's certified signature petitions out of hand. 

The Greens are protesting the railroading of their candidate, but with the courts firmly in the hands of the Establishment Party, do you really think they'll decide in the Greens' favor before the ballot deadline? 

Matthew Hoh’s horrible experience isn’t the only such example. There have been many others across the country, some of which are described in this excellent article. The Establishment-owned electoral boards not only run interference against perceived challengers to the Democrats, they also reject petitions on behalf of Libertarians who are seen to be challengers to the GOP.

This constant denial of ballot access is draining Americans of the right to participate in their own government. It disenfranchises millions of voters who are not affiliated with either wing of the Establishment Party. It also appears to be the sign of the so-called Democratic Party in a death dive. 

Consider this: if the Establishment's policies are oh-so wonderful and beneficial to the American people, why do Democrats and their GOP allies act afraid of any challengers on the ballot? Could it be they realize their policies are actually harmful to working class Americans, and they rightfully fear revolution? Could the handwriting already be on the wall, and those currently in the status quo know they'll be first in line at the guillotine?

The rot has set into the so-called Democrats in a big way. Young adult support for the Dems has hemorrhaged. The current figures make woeful reading for the party leadership. According to a New York Times poll released last Sunday, 94 percent of voters aged 18-29 do not want Biden to run again in 2024. Biden’s betrayal of his election pledge to lessen student loan debt is coming home to roost.

His age is also against him. Biden will turn 80 in November—assuming he makes it that far. The signs aren’t good. You only have to look at his recent performances on TV to see there’s something badly wrong with the man’s health, both physical and mental.

End quote: Repeat sentence. Quite.

Support among Black Americans is also in free-fall. Biden pledged to end police violence against Black citizens. Instead he supported increasing police budgets and allowed police departments to siphon off money intended for COVID relief to fund their own projects. For instance, federal COVID funds are being used to pay for things such as security cameras instead of improving ventilation and filtration systems in schools and public buildings.

Misuse of public funds doesn’t end there. Over half a million Americans are homeless. Many more are insecure in how long they can remain in their dwellings, facing rent or mortgage hikes far beyond their ability to keep up with payments. Many states and local authorities are responding to this crisis by effectively criminalizing homelessness. Over 11 million children are food insecure. Over 17 million people lack even adequate healthcare coverage. Most Americans are but one unexpected $600 bill away from financial ruin. 

In spite of these somber statistics, billions of dollars are being sent to prop up a proxy war in Ukraine with nothing more than the rubber-stamp approval of Congress. Obviously, keeping the military-industrial complex profitable is more important to the Establishment Party than making sure all Americans are housed, fed, and have access to adequate health care.

So what is the future of the so-called Democratic Party?

From the way things are shaping up, I see it merging with the Republican Party before too many years are out. Ideologically they are growing ever closer until, like sunset and sunrise, there soon won’t be any daylight between them.

And the persecution of third parties and their candidates? Parties that offer Americans real choices on the ballot will continued to be harassed by the threatened Establishment. Vicious attacks on social media against alternative voices are at an all time high. It seems when neither wing of the Establishment Party can come up with a good policy to address the pressing needs of suffering Americans all the Demopublicans can do is post nasty tweets and broadcast mudslinging TV commercials. Casting doubt and blame on newcomers who come up with brilliant ideas comes naturally to those mired in the status quo.

A lot of the propaganda that went into the Cold War against the former Soviet Union was based on the USSR’s "One Party State" system. So tell me, how is the United States of America any different from the USSR in denying its citizens a choice on the ballot and a real say in their government? 

BIO: Coast Watcher is very observant. Not much gets past his eagle eyes when it comes to what the Establishment Party says and what it actually does. By forcing voters into choosing between the "lesser evils," evil itself has been baked right into the whole corrupt system of government. It's time to throw out the inedible bad cake and let the people decide how to bake things themselves.


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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The Benefits of World Hunger


Rise, like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many—they are few!

~ Percy Bysshe Shelley


“The Paradise of the Rich is made out of the Hell of the Poor.” --Victor Hugo

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

--Matthew 25:35

The Benefits of World Hunger

by C.A. Matthews

There have been so many upsetting stories in the news lately that it's difficult to know what to write about and what hasn't been written into the ground already. But one article I encountered in my readings this past week hit me out of the blue, and I couldn't shake it. I decided to borrow its title and explore some of the aspects of what those five words mean.

The title? The Benefits of World Hunger.

You can learn more about how this intriguing article came about from this article:

United Nations Scrubbed Article Heralding Benefits of World Hunger from Website After It Went Viral   https://www.globalresearch.ca/united-nations-scrubbed-article-heralding-benefits-world-hunger-from-website-after-it-went-viral/5786053

The original article written by George Kent is now archived here:  https://archive.ph/zKzzH

To give you a flavor of what the thesis of Professor Kent's article is, here's an extended quote:

The non-governmental organization Free the Slaves defines slaves as people who are not allowed to walk away from their jobs. It estimates that there are about 27 million slaves in the world, including those who are literally locked into workrooms and held as bonded laborers in South Asia. However, they do not include people who might be described as slaves to hunger, that is, those who are free to walk away from their jobs but have nothing better to go to. Maybe most people who work are slaves to hunger?

For those of us at the high end of the social ladder, ending hunger globally would be a disaster. If there were no hunger in the world, who would plow the fields? Who would harvest our vegetables? Who would work in the rendering plants? Who would clean our toilets? We would have to produce our own food and clean our own toilets. No wonder people at the high end are not rushing to solve the hunger problem. For many of us, hunger is not a problem, but an asset.

The last two sentences really grabbed me. No wonder people at the high end are not rushing to solve the hunger problem. For many of us, hunger is not a problem, but an asset.

Hunger… an asset? When you put it that way, I guess it is. Those who have everything necessary for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle--such as a lovely home, easy transportation, an excellent education, a satisfying career, plentiful food, adequate medicine/healthcare, travel opportunities, entertaining hobbies, etc.--don't have to worry about the little details in life. They just happen. They happen because those with material wealth believe they deserve the wonderful things that happen to them, too.

Why are designer vegetables so cheap and abundant in the upscale supermarkets? How do posh meeting haunts magically keep themselves so sparkling clean? The answers are simple. These things are the way they are because those who have wealth typically don't share much of it with those who have little to none. The threat of starvation is enough to get the Haves what they want from the slaves to hunger. The threat of starvation forces the Have-Nots to do all the grunt work/dirty work the Haves never have to do for themselves.

The threat of starvation--The Benefits of World Hunger--is what makes capitalism go 'round--and 'round and 'round and 'round!

Why do so many people put up with capitalism and its constant threat of starvation? Commentator Caitlin Johnstone paints the picture perfectly:

Things are getting worse and worse because the systems that are in place are designed to exploit and oppress rather than to uplift and help thrive. Those systems will protect their own ability to continue to exploit and oppress until the people use their numbers to replace them with something healthy. The people will never use their numbers to replace abusive systems with something healthy as long as they are successfully propagandized away from doing so.

 This is why our political and media institutions act the way they act and why our systems are set up in the way that they are: to keep us from realizing how easy it would be to shrug off the old mechanisms of oppression like a heavy coat on a warm day and build something new that works for all of us.

Things will keep getting worse until we find a way to cut through the propaganda brain fog and rise like lions.  -- Our Entire Civilization Is Structured Around Keeping Us From Realizing We Can Do This

So, hunger is a great motivator to keep the vast majority of us working for meager wages, a.k.a. slave wages. Constantly toiling, we laborers never have the time or strength to come to the realization that we as a group might actually be able to end this oppressive system. We've been brainwashed by our superiors to think that we can't do anything, and that's the way it is. We've been made to feel inferior by those who have it all and can't be bothered to share any of their wealth with us.

The Benefits of World Hunger… It explains so much. We The People are controlled by our stomachs and our minds, through the threat of starvation and through an insipid indoctrination into an economic system that can only exist by keeping those who labor constantly worried about the threat of starvation.

How do we escape this threat? How do we take away the benefits that the well-to-do, a.k.a. the bourgeoisie, expect from this corrupt, exploitative system? How do we keep them from threatening us with hunger by buying up all the arable farmland, such as billionaire Bill Gates is currently doing?

First, we the workers must learn to feed ourselves without outside interference. Feed ourselves with food grown in our backyard gardens and community gardens. We need to food bank together with our neighbors. Food co-ops and other organizations that take care of the nutritional needs of the working people are essential. Mutual aid groups are a necessity.

Secondly, we must feed our minds and our souls with uplifting, nourishing praise and rhetoric that teaches us that we are indeed capable of creating a fair and just society. We can create a society where none are made to starve or live in fear because of the threat of hunger.

We must free ourselves from the bondage of The Benefits of World Hunger and all who believe the threat of starvation must continue.

 “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion,” said Albert Camus. We must become rebels. We must become free to act and to think for ourselves. We need to feed each other with the confidence that no one will ever be able to use a essential element such as food against us ever again.

In a moral and just world, hunger should never be thought of as a benefit to any person, place, or thing. We need to resist any government or leadership that insists that it is.

The mayor of L.A. getting rid of homeless people.

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The Benefits of World Hunger by George Kent: https://archive.ph/zKzzH

United Nations Scrubbed Article Heralding Benefits of World Hunger from Website After It Went Viral https://www.globalresearch.ca/united-nations-scrubbed-article-heralding-benefits-world-hunger-from-website-after-it-went-viral/5786053

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Whatever This Is, It's Not A Democracy


Did Not Vote is a powerful majority. Why are their voices suppressed?

Whatever This Is, It's Not A Democracy

by C.A. Matthews 

Some folks running for office can tell their story much better than I can, so here's one in the candidate's (Matthew Hoh) own tweets: 

"In recordings and eyewitness accounts provided to the Green Party and the media, Democratic Party operatives falsely claimed to be representing the Green Party and even the Board of Elections as they bombarded our petition signers with deceptive claims. (This video link shows what happened.) https://www.cbs17.com/news/north-carolina-news/nc-green-party-claims-harassment-amid-pressures-to-be-removed-from-ballot/

"The decision to deny our ballot line comes after a massive voter intimidation campaign from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee aided by the Elias Law Group, targeting NC residents to pressure them to request their names be removed from our petition. https://www.matthewhohforsenate.org/hoh-slams-democratic-partys-voter-intimidation-campaign/

"At the @NCSBE meeting, the @NorthCarolinaGP's lawyer Oliver Hall of @voterchoice asked if there was any evidence why the NCGP's 15,953 verified signatures should not be certified. SBOE Chair Damon Circosta, 1 of 3 Democrats on the 5-member board, refused to answer the question...

"When the NC Green Party's lawyer Oliver Hall repeated that his only question was if there was any reason not to certify the Green Party petition, given NCGP's 15,953 verified signatures well exceeded the requirement, Chairman Circosta demanded the Green Party’s lawyer be muted.

"After silencing Attorney Oliver Hall, the only representative of the Green Party allowed in the meeting except for observers, the NC State Board of Elections proceeded to vote 3-2 against certifying the Greens’ ballot access petition, with all 3 Democrats voting No. 

 "Please watch yesterday's hearing where we were denied party certification by the NC State Board of Elections in a brazenly partisan manner. Most disturbing, among several concerns to me, was the lack of due process.  (This video starts where the vote to deny party certification begins.)  https://s3.amazonaws.com/dl.ncsbe.gov/State_Board_Meeting_Docs/2022-06-30/State%20Board%20of%20Elections%20Meeting-20220630%201300-1.mp4

 "Allegations that the Green Party committed fraud in the signature-collection process have come primarily from the ELIAS LAW GROUP, a FIRM THAT SERVES AS GENERAL COUNSEL FOR THE DEMOCRATIC SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE (DSCC)."

Watch some of the videos above (and below in the related links) and you'll get more of a feel at just how coordinated this effort at preventing the Green Party from having a senatorial candidate on the NC ballot is. Denying qualified candidates from having their names on the ballot without due process--under the cloud of possible illegal electioneering tactics by the DSCC's law firm--isn't what most honest Americans would expect living in a "democracy."  In case the NC State Board of Elections has forgotten what the word democracy means:

Free elections? The rule of the people is honored? The majority of Americans belong to the party called "Did Not Vote." Using bullying tactics via text, telephone calling, and actual door knocking by Democratic Party operatives to get NC voters to remove their names from Matthew Hoh's senate petition doesn't sound fair, does it? And yet, this unfair behavior is allowed because those currently in power in North Carolina (a.k.a. the Democrats)--who are backed by plenty of money from very powerful, very wealthy people (a.k.a the oligarchs)--want it to happen.

Competition during a very contested election year cannot be allowed by the Dems. In their opinion, the voters do not deserve to have choices at the polls. To quote our Australian friends from The Juice Media, makers of Honest Government Ads, the voters are expected to choose candidates from the "Shit Party" or from the "Shit Lite Party." And then voters are expected to shut up and put up with the whole stinky mess that voting for a "lesser evil" candidate causes.

You can see why the NC Democrats have gone to such extremes to keep Matthew off the ballot. Just by listening to him in the videos you can tell how intelligent and compassionate he is. He has served several tours of duty as a Marine and worked in the US State Department. He seems the ideal candidate--energetic, smart, experienced in government, and a true patriot. So, what's wrong with him? He won't take corporate money and lobbyists' dollars like the duopoly candidates do. He wants to represent the people--not Wall Street.

And the oligarchs can't have that, can they?

So, why won't the Dems even allow Matthew Hoh's name on the ballot for US senate as a Green Party candidate? Just let his name be on the ballot... Well, the biggest problem with that is the Democrats would have to campaign against him. And what bad things could they actually say about Matthew? Not much.

Consider this: How bad would it look for the Democrats to say disparaging things and make spurious claims in commercials and printed materials against a disabled veteran? A veteran who served his country and was wounded in the process… It would be pretty low behavior even by the dirty Dems' standards, the same party who openly screwed over Bernie Sanders in their 2016 and 2020 primaries.

Whatever this voting system we've got in this country is, it sure ain't a democracy.   

We The People who believe in democracy and fair play shouldn't allow stunts like this to happen. No political faction should be able to prevent third party or independent candidates from being on the ballot. Support Matthew's cause to get his case heard in time for him to appear on the NC ballot so voters there have a choice of one decent candidate for senate. Support the Green Party US so they can easily get their candidates on ballots everywhere.

Who knows? These types of shenanigans might be happening currently in your state, too. Why would you want voters stuck choosing between the two "lesser evil" choices? How will We The People ever hope to change the corrupt status quo and make the world a better place if we're stuck choosing between "Shit" and "Shit Lite" candidates? It's time to flush the dirty duopoly tactics down the drain forever!

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Hoh Slams Democratic Party's Voter Intimidation Campaign

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