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The Grift of Eternal Victimhood


We've apparently reached the "University arresting its own professors" stage of decline. Edward Snowden https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/1783626709364797896

Zionarcissism: The Grift of Eternal Victimhood
by C.A. Matthews

I fell down a long, surreal rabbit hole this past week. I bet you did, too. I even learned a new word to describe what it was exactly that I was witnessing. You might know it already, but if not, allow me describe it to you.

First off, I want to share what I learned from a talk given by three local doctors who served a two week mission in Gaza this past month. They flew to Egypt, fought with customs officials there to bring in desperately needed medical supplies, and then finally they were able to get past the miles and miles of parked trucks at the Gaza/Egyptian border to make it to Gaza European Hospital, the only remaining hospital (more like a homeless shelter at this point) located in the southern area of the occupied territory near Khan Yunis.

Photo warning: Wounded people (click and expand to see details)

The three doctors are members of “PAMA” (Palestinian American Medical Association), but medical professionals from all around the world—including Jewish doctors—have traveled with PAMA to Gaza. The doctors shared their slide presentations containing some rather graphic photos of people (many of them children) they operated on, knowing full well that 80 to 90 percent wouldn’t make it because of the lack of medicines and the astronomical rate of infections running rampant in the overcrowded hospital.

Gaza European Hospital is a modest building that was built to house 215 patients, tops. Today it is housing about 6,000+ persons. The  families of victims camp out in the all the hallways, closets, and public areas. They have nowhere else to live and assume the hospital is a safe place from the bombings. The doctors said they had to be very careful where they were walking whenever they turned a corner so they didn’t accidentally run into a person sleeping on a mat behind a sheet or old rug as a privacy screen.

Photo warning: Surgery shots

The three doctors related stories of horrific injuries caused by shrapnel and bullets to the back of the head. Many have been blinded and maimed, losing one or more limb and/or their eyes. The doctors operated on men, women, and children without sufficient pain-killers, antibiotics, or even sterilized instruments. They all marveled at the bravery of Palestinian doctors, nurses, medics and other health professionals working 24/7 and without pay for the last half year doing their best with what little they have and without their loved ones who have been slaughtered by Israeli bombings and sniper attacks.

I could sense the American doctors felt guilty that they eventually had to leave and return to a (relatively) safe country. But they knew they had to leave so that others could come in after them.  They couldn’t risk angering the Israelis who barely allow the United Nations or member organizations like PAMA to have any presence in the territory. The doctors voiced concerns that Gaza European Hospital might become the next Al-Shifa, totally destroyed and its occupants brutally murdered and thrown into mass graves.

From this sobering experience—which actually made me glad to know that there are Americans who care about the plight of the Palestinian people so much as to put their own lives at risk—I fell down the rabbit hole further. My eyes became glued to my Twitter/X feed as I witnessed the videos and photos of the student-led solidarity with Palestine and divestment from Israel occupation of Columbia University campus. Within hours, similar solidarity-divestment camps sprang up like wildflowers on college campuses across the US, spreading around the world like wildfire.

To understand more about why the students are protesting and how it compares to other protests in the past (namely against apartheid South Africa), read Joe Brunoli's excellent article Students v. Apartheid: I have Witnessed a Struggle That Spans 40 Years

The students are brave. They aren’t to be bullied, and they aren’t taking no for an answer. But it came as no surprise when IDF-trained police “terrorism squads” were deployed to quell the “uprisings” at the request of none other than United States’ de facto leader—Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yes, that Netanyahu, formerly of Philadelphia. Bibi actually is giving your local police their marching orders to arrest peacefully protesting college students now.  (Here’s a video showing him doing so.) And good ol’ Genocide Joe Biden is going along with Bibi and this unnecessary cruelty to his own countrymen because… Lockheed Martin stock has more than quadrupled in the past twenty years?

As I viewed videos of students and faculty standing up to the police-thugs while being beaten, hosed, and gassed, memories of National Guardsmen shooting students at Kent State in 1970 came to mind. This surreal, corrupt version of academia is hellbent on repeating the horror of Kent State more than fifty years later because of…? The universities’ boards of trustees all enjoy investing their schools' money into the military-industrial complex because of…?

Because of…? The only thing that remotely ties the horrible atrocities of the genocide in Gaza that the three PAMA doctors witnessed firsthand to the beating/arresting of university students protesting to stop their schools from funding that same genocide is a sickness known as “zionarcissism.”
Zionarcissism is a disease related to the racist-political movement of Zionism. The saddest thing is that it robs those who succumb to it of their sanity. It turns the zionarcissist into a self-centered prick who will make outlandish claims on others’ time, money, and efforts. The most common claim is that to prevent the zionarcissist’s desire to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people from their settler-colonial project will somehow transform zionarcissists into “eternal victims.”

While this may sound like a terrible fate, most zionarcissists quite enjoy victimhood and its benefits. A strange side effect of zionarcissism is that anyone who blocks the zionarcissist’s attempts to commit a genocide of Palestinians instantly becomes a  “terrorist.” Terrorists, according to zionarcissism, are evil agents who need to be beaten and locked up for protesting for the rights of oppressed people. You see, there are no such things as oppressed peoples—except for zionarcissists. (Catching on now?)

Alas, there is no known cure for zionarcissism other than a raw dose of reality. A textbook case of zionarcissism appeared within a day or so of the first university encampment being set up.
The female zionarcissist positioned herself in the middle of the Yale encampment. The woman is not known to be a current or former university student. She apparently entered the school’s grounds upon the instruction of her husband who videotaped her actions for posterity. (He later took the video down, but you can still see it here.)

Wearing a white t-shirt with the word “JEW” painted on the front and the word “ISRAEL” on the back, the zionarcissist stood in the middle of the public square and began to frown and stare hard at the students. They ignored her and went about their own business.

Ignoring a zionarcissist is dangerous. This wasn’t what the zionarcissist at Yale expected or wanted. It greatly upset her because no one paid any attention to her. No one called her names or pushed her or attempted to beat her up. No one spit on her or teased her or called the cops on her. She simply was not allowed to “play the victim.”

Without being able to profit from victimhood, zionarcissists can become very agitated. They must extract money, armaments, attention, blood, sweat, and tears from others "who owe it to them," or else the zionarcissist will label those who owe them attention “antisemitic.” Citizens of white-ruled, settler-colonized Western countries like the US can be labeled as either “antisemitic” or “terrorist” depending on the needs of the zionarcissist, but all non-white, non-Western people are automatically considered to be antisemitic terrorists without exception.

Westerners are forever in the zionarcissist’s debt for not being labeled antisemitic. It is a faux pas of the highest order. This is true even if the zionarcissist accusing others of antisemitism isn’t technically Semitic, but of European ancestry. If Westerners don't make payments (give in to the blackmail), they're in big trouble. The zionarcissist’s sense of eternal victimhood has been threatened. It forces her to up the odds by taking impulsive actions in order to gain what she desires.

(This could be the reasoning behind zionarcissist Netanyahu’s impulsive bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Murder a few Iranian generals and diplomats, threaten World War III, and suddenly everyone is talking about you. They can’t help but notice you. Possibly starting nuclear war is well worth the risk to a zionarcissist.)

Frustrated that she wasn’t allowed to call the shots, the Yale zionarcissist began shouting at the students: “Look at me! Film my face! Dox me!” The result? The students continued to ignore her while hanging up a Jews for a Free Palestine banner and dancing to the groovy beat of a tom-tom drum. Eventually, the zionarcissist walked away, unharmed.
Horrible, isn’t it? No one hurt her or taunted her at all. She believed her victimhood fantasy to be reality and was embarrassed to find out it was all made up. (Watch another good example of a zionarcissist in action, here. This "Karen" called the cops on a nonexistent threat while walking her dog near a campus protest at Northwestern University.)

Zionarcissism is the number one mental illness infecting the US government. Zionarcissism is spread through influencers such as AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee). AIPAC is the number one lobbying organization in the US, regularly contributing large sums of money to the vast majority of Congress members and Senators who do their bidding. The all-time recipient of AIPAC money is none other than Joe Biden.
Maybe that’s why Netanyahu decided to start the genocide in Gaza while Biden was in office? He knew Biden would cooperate and cover for Israel—and Biden has. The US has vetoed several ceasefire resolutions in United Nations Security Council, withdrew its support from UNRWA (the UN refugee agency for Palestine), and continues to send armaments to Israel even after the International Court of Justice and the UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese labeled what the Israelis are doing in Gaza as a “plausible genocide.”
To sum up, zionarcissism is a terrible disease that motivates corrupt US government officials to continue material and political support of Israel's genocide in Gaza. Israel has murdered over 42,000+ people with another 76,000+ injured so far. The US is currently allowing the Israelis to deny water and electricity to Gaza as well as block all the entrances that could transport food and medicines into the open-air concentration camp.
The college students are calling attention to this horrific situation caused by zionarcissism by demanding their universities divest from or take their money out of the military-industrial complex that is fueling this genocide (as well as other military excursions). Without armaments being made, bought, and sold, civilians stand a much better chance of staying alive, and the risk of a nuclear war starting is lessened. It’s that simple.

Don’t let zionarcissism destroy your university, your community, your country, or your world. Keep pointing out its manipulative, selfish machinations to others. Expose its carriers to the sunlight of reality. It’s the only way to eliminate it for good. 

Keep talking about Palestine and its people and what they’re suffering and have suffered. Don’t let up until we’ve rid our world of all of these narcissistic sociopaths. It’s our only chance for a peaceful planet.

U.S. College Campus Encampments:

Washington University in St. Louis * (Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested at a protest there on April 27.)

University of New Mexico
University of Michigan
California State Polytech University Humboldt
University of Texas
Indiana University
MIT                                                                                                                              Penn State
UNC Chapel Hill
University of Maryland
Ohio State
Northwestern University
Rice University
University of Houston
University of Southern California
Florida International University
University of Minnesota
The City College of NY
The City University of NY
Evergreen State College
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
Brown University
North Carolina University
University of Texas
University of Rochester
University of Washington
Florida State University
University of Arizona
George Washington University
Purdue University
Temple University 

***If you live near any of these campuses, the students need food, water, blankets. Drive by and drop off these basic essentials.***

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Exposing Dirty Tricks

Exposing Dirty Tricks

by C.A. Matthews

Has anyone ever tried to pull the wool over your eyes? Fooled you into believing something that turned out later to be false? How did you feel after you discovered that you'd been bamboozled? Sad? Angry? Determined never to let something like this happen to you ever again?

Now you know how the Arizona Green Party (AZGP) feels upon learning that Green voters could become the victims of a series of terrible tricks. This scam essentially denies all Arizona voters a choice for US Senate. And who are these con artists attempting to pull a fast one over on the electorate? They're none other than the Democratic Party.

Here are the details as they were presented on X (Twitter) by the AZGP:

The message thread begins at this address: https://twitter.com/AZGreenParty/status/1780413138262954472

The Arizona Green Party has discovered compelling evidence that suggests that the Democratic Party is attempting to interfere in our primary election process for the U.S Senate race via the campaign of faux-Green candidate Mike Norton.

First, Norton isn’t even a registered AZGP member AT ALL. Voter data provided to us from the Maricopa County Elections Office indicates that Norton’s most recent change in party affiliation was to “Independent”, which he registered as on August 17th, 2023, not as a “Green”.

Norton filed a Statement of Interest to run for the U.S. Senate as a Green on March 17th, 2024, a mere two weeks before the deadline to submit a sufficient number of candidate nomination petitions. He had no prior involvement or contact with the AZGP whatsoever before this.

On March 18th, the first of 7 total out-of-state paid petitioners, all claiming to be working for Wells Marketing LLC, begin to register with the AZ Secretary of State’s Office via the Circulator Portal and designate that they are circulating petitions for Norton’s campaign.

The next day, March 19th, Mike Norton files a Statement of Organization with the FEC for his candidate committee, “Mike Norton for Arizona”. FEC Law stipulates that this has to happen once a Congressional candidate raises or spends a combined total of $5K.

On March 21st, the “Save Democracy PAC” a super-PAC with ties to the Democratic Party, donates the max contribution of $5K to Norton’s candidate committee. Reminder: anybody who knows anything about the Green Party knows that we DO NOT EVER accept contributions from super PACs.

[Editor’s note: You can learn more about the Green Party at https://gp.org]

On March 27th, two more Democratic Party linked super-PACs (“End Citizens United” and “Defend The Vote”) max out donations to Norton’s campaign, contributing $5K each.

Both these super-PACs have already officially endorsed Ruben Gallego for the 2024 US Senate seat in Arizona. [Editor’s note: Ruben Gallego is running as a Democrat.]

Get ready, cuz this is a BIG one. On March 28th, 5 individuals made maxed out contributions of $3300 each to Norton’s campaign, and 1 contributed a lesser $1000 donation. The names/backgrounds of these individual donors may surprise you, so let’s go through them one by one.

Michael D. Smith is a Principal/Director at Cornerstone Government Affairs. He’s also a member of the DSCC Majority Trust Legacy Circle since 2008, and a formerly appointed member of the DNC Credentials Committee. Smith contributed the maximum $3300 to Norton’s campaign. [DSCC—Democratic Senate Congressional Committee]

Paul Bernon is a Managing Partner at PMB Ventures, a Co-Chair of the Emily List Creative Council, and a member of the DNC Finance Committee. Bernon contributed the maximum $3300 to Norton’s campaign.

Devin Rhinerson is a Partner at Pace LLP and a former senior policy advisor to the (now deceased) Democratic Senator from the State of California, Diane Feinstein. Rhinerson contributed the maximum $3300 to Norton’s Campaign.

Elizabeth E. Steinglass (David’s wife) is a Harvard graduate, a poet/author, a Research Fellow at NYU School of Law, and- like her husband- a frequent big money donor to Democratic campaigns. Elizabeth contributed the maximum $3300 to Norton’s campaign.

Capping off the individual contributions is Timothy Webster, an Associate Professor of Law at WNE University who made a more modest contribution of only $1000 to Mike Norton for Arizona. While we have not yet confirmed Webster as being tied to the Dems, the timing is suspicious.

In a SINGLE day on March 28th, and between only 6 individual contributors, “Mike Norton for Arizona” received a whopping $17.5K, the majority of which came from Democratic Party insiders and their big money donors. But wait, there’s still more…

The following day, March 29th, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU-COPE) ALSO made a maximum $5K contribution to Mike Norton’s campaign. “Why the Transit Union?”, you ask? Norton’s background is as a CEO, Senior Executive, and Legal Counsel to 3 major transportation companies.

But that undersells it, because those companies specialize in the transportation of “High Security Products”. Can you guess what kind of products those may be? Here’s the answer: weapons, ammunition, explosives, and radioactive materials. A decidedly un-Green career, we’d say. [Editor’s note: The Green Party platform states clearly that they are for “People, Planet and Peace (over corporate profits). You can see now why this contributor is highly suspect.]

So, let’s summarize: Norton’s not a registered Green, and never has been. In the span of ONLY 12 DAYS after filing an initial Statement of Interest, he received over $15K from confirmed Democratic Party insiders. And now he’s trying to fool the Green Party voters of Arizona.

And if you’re wondering, as some of you surely would be, “What do the Democrats gain from heavily funding a fake Green Party candidate?”, consider the case of ‘18 Senate candidate Angela Green, who dropped out and endorsed Sinema at the very last minute against McSally.

Sinema ultimately won regardless of Green’s endorsement, but it was a close race, and the AZ Dem Party, the DSCC, and the DNC have no desire to take that chance with Ruben Gallego in 2024. They’re willing to fight dirty and do everything they can to sabotage the competition.

And what better way is there to stop any possible *real* competition for Gallego from our party than by implanting an operative in our primary, funding him so heavily he easily wins, and then immediately having him drop out in the general to endorse the Democratic candidate?

Well, Mike Norton you may be a smart man, and you may be well-funded by the corrupt DNC, but you can’t fool us, and you won’t get away with your lies and dirty tricks. We know a true Green Party candidate from a fake like you. And now, Arizona knows you’re a fraud too.
Wow… After making quite a few sloppy moves, do the Dirty Dems really think they’ll get away with this conman of a candidate? Do they think Arizona’s voters are stupid enough to vote for a “faux Green”?

I think you know the answer to both those questions. It’s “yes.”

The saddest part about the Dems pulling dirty tricks is that most voters won’t do much in-depth research into candidates running for office at any level. They’ll believe whatever is put before them in the mainstream media without questioning it. Most have never heard of OpenSecrets.org where they can check out where politicians are getting their money and just how much they've taken. Most voters have never thought of researching the party platform that the candidate says they’re promoting, which in this case is very important as Norton seems to stand for the complete opposite of the Green Party's philosophy.

If voters did do their research, they would learn that the Green Party is for “People, Planet and Peace” and their candidates pledge to never take money from PACs or Super PACs. They’d think twice about Mike Norton’s acceptance of money from an industry dedicated to war along with large donations from Democratic Party insiders.
I mean, why would well-heeled Democrats give money to a Green Party candidate in the first place? That should be a big giveaway right there. But wait, there’s even more nefarious activity going on in the Dems’ dirty tricks campaign to undermine the Arizona Green Party's primary. The AZGP has also reported there is yet another possible “faux-Green” candidate being promoted by the DNC.

The thread for these messages begins here: https://twitter.com/AZGreenParty/status/1781897196419621221
In addition to the meddling by the DNC in our primary election via the campaign of Mike Norton, the Arizona Green Party has found irregularities in the campaign finance reporting of Arturo Hernandez, the other faux-Green candidate for U.S. Senate. Here’s what we found.
Arturo filed his statement of interest with the AZ Secretary of State’s Office on March 1st, 2024, and he filed his FEC Statement of Organization (Form 1) and Statement of Candidacy (Form 2) on March 11th, 2024.
While it’s not required for a candidate to reach the $5K threshold before they file paperwork and start submitting FEC reports, as soon as they file that paperwork, they are obligated to report all funds that are raised or spent by the candidate’s committee.
Because Hernandez filed his Statement on the 1st of March, he was officially campaigning as of that date and cannot claim to have been “testing the waters” in the form of an exploratory committee, as is allowed for and outlined in FEC guidelines.
Part of that FEC Form 2 Statement of Candidacy requires candidates to declare their intent to expend personal funds if they are a candidate for Congress. Hernandez’s FEC Form 2 indicates that he claimed intend to spend $0 of his personal funds in the primary and general election.
However, if you examine Mr. Hernandez’s Q1 FEC reports, he has also claimed $0 in receipts and expenditures. Here’s where things start to get really fishy…
We know from personal testimony from AZGP members like @jonralstonlmt and research done during the signature challenge period that Mr. Hernandez had paid circulators distributing his candidate nomination petitions. Yet, Mr. Hernandez has not reported any money raised or spent.
Additionally, we know that Mr. Hernandez is a client of “In Compliance Inc.”, and his designated Treasurer and Custodian of Records is Chrissie Hastie, President/CEO of In Compliance Inc. However, no payments to In Compliance Inc. have been reported by Mr. Hernandez in Q1.
Even if the paid petitioners AND In Compliance Inc. were to have worked pro bono for Mr. Hernandez, they would still need to report this as an “in-kind contribution”. No such reporting has been made on the Q1 FEC report for “Arturo for Arizona”.

It is no secret that Mr. Hernandez is a sham candidate who has jumped onto our ballot line with the intent to fool Green Party in Arizona into wasting their vote on an infiltrator with nefarious intentions. Mr. Hernandez has even been so bold as to contact us to gloat.
While we are continuing to investigate further evidence of wrongdoing, we believe that it is highly probably that Mr. Hernandez and his candidate committee “Arturo for Arizona” have violated the FECA of 1971. We urge all AZ Green Party members to NOT vote for or support him.
If any individual would like to submit an FEC complaint against “Arturo for Arizona”, which could trigger a thorough investigation process by the Commission that may be very expensive for Mr. Hernandez… , here is the process for how to do so: https://www.fec.gov/legal-resources/enforcement/complaints-process/how-to-file-complaint-with-fec/

Anybody can file an FEC complaint, and the more complaints filed, the more likely it is the commission will review the case.
To further clarify:

To be clear, the Democrats are trying to kick faux-Green Arturo Hernandez off the ballot, while they have installed a well-funded Democratic operative to run in our primary named Mike Norton. The AZ Green Party’s endorsed candidate for the U.S. Senate race is @Quintana4Senate
Even the Republican US Senate candidate, Kari Lake, is exposing these Dem shenanigans:

It appear the AZ Dem Party is attempting to kick the AZ Green Party candidate off the ballot so that their Trojan horse candidate can drop out & endorse Ruben Gallego.

These are the people who lecture us about democracy.
Mr. Hernandez doesn’t sound like the brightest bulb in the box to me. Could he be yet another DNC faux Green candidate that didn’t quite work out as well as they’d hoped, so they brought Mr. Norton on board later to be their “official faux Green candidate” instead? Why does the DNC pull such criminal stunts like this? Are they worried their own candidate, Mr. Gallego, isn’t electable?

Ruben M. Montejano states in an X post:


From what I gather AZ Green Party thinks if Norton wins their primary he will drop out leaving no Green Party Candidate to run against the Dem and Republican candidates in the general election.

The official Arizona Green Party candidate is Eduardo Quintana.[@Quintana4Senate]:


My name is Eduardo Quintana, I am a dedicated Green Party activist in the Tucson area, and I am running a grassroots, corporate-free campaign for the U.S. Senate with the AZ Green Party
The Dems' actions demonstrate how very scared they are very scared of losing the US Senate seat in Arizona. They possibly fear that voters see them as supporters of Genocide Joe Biden, repellent genocide-enablers. They’re willing to spend large sums of their donors' money and risk committing fraud to take away the voters choices at the ballot box. 

When the news of these dirty tricks in Arizona eventually leaks out to a wider audience, won’t the Dems be helping their Republican opponent by making her look more honest than they are? This time around the Dems can’t claim the Green Party candidate is stealing votes from them because they are, in fact, funding “spoilers” like Mike Norton and Arturo Hernandez in the Green primary.

What does Norton in particular get out of all of this skullduggery? It seems his connection with the weapons industry is behind his reasoning for doing this so he can continue to fund Gallego and other Dem candidates who love passing huge military budgets. The military-industrial-Congressional complex operators don’t really care what label a candidate wears as long as she/he votes the way they want them to. As long as the duopoly remains in power, billionaires will thrive and workers will suffer as more and more money is siphoned out of the workers' pockets and slipped into the oligarchs’ bank accounts.

Worse yet, more innocents will continue to suffer and die as more US bombs are provided to apartheid Israel to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people in Gaza. A Green Party senator from Arizona would work hard to end this horrific situation and all US military interventions worldwide.

What can the Arizona Green Party do to shut down this scam? They can take legal action against Norton for misrepresenting himself as a Green, but court cases take time, and it wouldn’t come up until after November. The Dems are counting on that. It’s why they waited until almost the last moment to sneak Norton in on the Green primary. In the meantime, they’re probably “rewarding” (i.e., bribing) all the Arizona judges to make a ruling in the DNC’s favor when the case finally does come to court. Criminals do tend to stick together.

If you’re a person who loves democracy and wants to help the voters of Arizona, there are a few things you can do. First off, share this story (and the X posts/Tweets) with others. The mainstream media certainly won’t cover this DNC trickery. They wouldn’t dare anger their corporate owners. So, it’s up to us everyday people, indie journalists, and independent podcasters to get the word out.

file a complaint with the FEC if you feel moved to do so. And if you’re able, donate your time, talents and/or money to the AZGP and/or the GPUS. Lawyers don’t come cheap, and a party like the Green Party that only accepts donations from voters like you and me (not millionaires/billionaires) needs all the backers they can get. 

It’s why the Dirty Dems pick on the people-powered Greens—the Dems receive billions of dollars from their wealthy Super PAC donors but no real support from the masses. The Dems use their corporate donors’ money to pull undemocratic stunts like this one in order to manipulate us, We the People. Remember, “freedom isn’t free” when the people are being blatantly outspent by billionaires bribing politicians.

Last and certainly not least, support causes that are working to take big money out of US politics. Just think if the DNC wasn’t able to pull all this money together and create fake candidates to thwart voter choice, we might not be seeing these kinds of dirty tricks in the first place. Check out the Move to Amend and Ranked Choice Voting initiatives. 

Whatever you do, don’t give up hope. Make a vow to never let the Dems get away with dirty tricks ever again. Power to the peoplenot the corporations who own the Dems, their criminally minded minions!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Writing's On The Wall

The Writing's On The Wall

by C.A. Matthews

Some days it feels like this nightmare will go on forever. It’s overwhelming. When you can’t even have a reasonable, adult conversation with others for risk of being labeled “antisemitic” simply because you support the rights of Palestinians to live and not be ethnically cleansed, it does feel like this is it... The End Times. 

The end of Western civilization perhaps.

Maybe the death of Western civilization isn’t such a bad thing after all. Who needs a society which continues to deny basic human rights to people based upon the “superiority” or “inferiority” of skin color, race, religion, politics, social status, or ethnicity? The writing is on the wall. We’re already seeing the signs of the end of this sick world approaching in various ways. It’s time to accept this truth so we all can live together in peace and harmony.

Already the “stenographers for the oligarchs” are starting to fold. Mainstream media outlets are beginning to soften their original hard line, pro-Zionist/anti-Palestinian stance. Why their sudden change of heart? It probably has a lot to do with so many independent journalists outing them for the propaganda mouthpieces for Israel and the military-industrial complex of the West that they are.

by Mark Taylor, DeMOCKracy Ink

Even CNN has changed its mind, revealing how it didn’t do its job properly when it came to reportage on the “Flour Massacre.” Seems the IDF were at fault all along. Israeli snipers shot at helpless starving Gazans as they gathered to get food aid off of the trucks, the opposite of how many a Western headline read. The food aid itself didn’t kill them. They didn't kill each other in the rush. The IDF did so. Deliberately.

Funny how the truth has a way of eventually leaking into the world of Western journalism. Apparently these stenographers for the oligarchs don’t like being embarrassed by Palestinian journalists who got things right the first time. They don’t enjoy being caught in the act of regurgitating Israeli lies one too many times by independent podcasters. It makes them look stupid. It makes them look like paid-off shills.

Well, they are shills for Israel and the military-industrial complex, aren’t they? But they don’t want to look that obvious. They don't want everyone who watches them to think, "These so-called journalists love bloodshed and violence. Great for their ratings, right?" So, they’ve kept up their front and pretended that they’ve never repeated the hasbara (translation: storytelling) of the Israelis on behalf of their corrupt Western governments. They'll pretend they've never once lied even when they’re forced to make corrections to their stories later. 

But it’s too late. Intelligent and insightful people question everything they hear and read. They look for and find alternative sources of news and double check the facts. Darn those smarty pants! They're making CNN’s and their compatriots’ propaganda spinning that much harder.

The writing is on the wall. Mainstream news outlets will either return to an approximation of “fair and balanced” journalism, or else they’ll be laughed off the planet. When push comes to shove, their CEOs will want to stay in business. They’ll probably accommodate the public’s need to know the truth, rather than continue passing on the false narrative spin of Western governments' propagandists.

Speaking of Western governments… The writing’s on the wall there as well.

“Genocide Joe” Biden and his administration are slowly but surely circling the drain. Trying to sell a geriatric with memory issues and a vicious streak of hatred against non-white peoples has been an extremely difficult sales job for Biden’s campaign workers. Promoting the lesser evil voting argument doesn’t hold up when making such statements as, “Trump would start even more genocides than Biden already has!” 

Nah, it doesn’t work. It exposes the fallacy of lesser evil voting even more than it already has been exposed. It's all just a nasty voter shaming technique. The duopoly and its candidates are just uniformly evil no matter how they care to label themselves, as either ”Donkeys” or “Elephants”. Both groups work for the military-industrial complex and do as they're told. They're both full of crap.

Stories about how President Ronald Reagan picked up the phone in 1982 and called Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and told him to stop bombing Lebanon, and twenty minutes later, Israel stopped the bombings, have been unearthed recently. Repeating Reagan's tough stance against Israeli bombing makes things look even bleaker for "Butcher Biden" and his genocide-enabling administration. 

White House briefings by smooth-talking spokespersons hinting at how “upset” or “angry” or “frustrated” Biden is with P.M. Netanyahu’s actions do nothing to change the facts of the matter.  A genocide is being committed by Israel using US provided bombs and arms. What do Biden's feelings really got to do with anything unless they've been telling him it's the right thing to do, funding a genocide, for the past six months?

Biden continues to send bombs to Israel who uses them to ethnically cleanse even more civilians in Gaza. If US presidents have the power to pick up the phone and call Israeli prime ministers and get them to shut down military operations, why hasn’t Joe Biden picked up the phone and demanded an end to the bombings? The answer is simple: He doesn’t want to stop supplying bombs to Israel. He doesn’t really care if Israel is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians. Biden’s war machine donors’ wishes and profits are infinitely more important to him that breathing, happy Palestinian children ever could be.

The most recent polls show that the vast majority of Americans want the US to stop sending bombs to Israel. If Biden continues to ignore the public’s opinion on this matter, he has set himself up for a big fall come the November presidential election. With this stubbornly short-sighted attitude, one wonders if he really wants to keep his job. Maybe not.

The writing is on the wall: Biden is going down for the count. No doubt about it. And good riddance! 

With Biden knocking himself out of the race, the odds for an alternative party candidate such as the Green Party's Jill Stein winning have increased exponentially. In a crowded field of two wannabe presidents and two former presidents, Dr. Stein needs only 26% of the Electoral College vote to win. 

Of course, the crap-filled Donkeys and Elephants will pitch a fit and kick and scream election fraud! if Dr. Stein does win, but every time the duopoly pulls their dirty tricks, the more voters become wiser to how corrupt the American system of voting truly is. If they block the people's choice, the US will be revealed as the oligarchy it is and not the "democracy" it pretends to be.

The writing's on the wall for the wealthy, white, male settler-colonialist class who created and perpetuated this travesty called the United States of America. Let's hope they realize this soon and surrender peacefully to the people.

Perhaps the best news of all is that six months after starting their genocide of the Palestinian people the writing is on the wall for the ethnostate of Israel.

Things have gone too far, too fast. The moral stench of the murders of innocent children and babies in incubators in Gaza has convinced many countries to stop supporting Israel. Some like Spain are calling for the recognition of the Palestinian state. Colombia is calling for all nations to break diplomatic ties with Israel. The South African genocide case made against Israel at the International Court of Justice has picked up more supporters. Many countries are calling for United Nations' sanctions against Israel and for the UN to treat Israel as a pariah state.

If there ever was any hope for a “two state solution” between Israel and Palestine, recent actions of the Israeli government, military, and its bloodthirsty civilian population have pretty much killed its chances. The writing’s on the wall. The only chance for peace in the region is to permanently shut down the white settler-colonial, apartheid, racist-Zionist government of Israel and build a democratic secular state that doesn’t make one ethnic group superior to the other. All people are to be treated equally. No exceptions.

Six months of daily images of children lying crushed in the rubble, dying slowly of starvation, and dying trying to scrounge up food while being shot at by IDF snipers is grueling and disheartening. But there is a glimmer of hope when we realize that the writing is on the wall. I predict that the end is coming soon for these heartless bastards in both Israel and the Western governments. My only wish is that I live long enough to see all of them punished for their crimes against humanity.

Peace and morality can be restored to the world. We the People can take our rightful place in the governance of ourselves. We can lock away the warmongering narcissists and their minions in the prisons they've built to torture those who resisted their tyranny. When we do, we will write the best and last thing on the wall: Good-bye to the war machine forever!

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